Basement Bathroom Remodel

I am so happy to be FINALLY writing this one you guys. This basement bathroom has been years in the making at our house and I am SO happy with how it turned out!

So let me just show you what we started out with….

This room was pretty awful- it had a bathtub, and brown outdoor carpet on the floor originally. The flow didn’t work – we had to close up a wall. Basically it was a continuation of some bad remodeling that had been done in the rest of the basement – And this was the last area we needed to give a major makeover in the basement.

After: it’s still a basement bathroom meaning we have opted at least for now to leave the ceiling open and unfinished. We decided to do a shower down here instead of a tub and I LOVE the shiplap walls. Now I really want to do shiplap every where. 😬

This bathroom is officially our nicest and largest bathroom in our house now. I’m still looking for a cool chippy storage cabinet and the trim work needs finished but its usable! We did already do our half bathroom/laundry room shortly after we moved in. It looks like this…

But now that this basement bathroom is functional we can think about tackling our main final bathroom upstairs. This will involve saving up so we can hire out the whole thing. I may have already bought a super ugly old claw foot tub that needs a serious makeover for $50 for the space. 😂

Do I look like I know what I’m doing yet?


2018. My 29th year. The year I take control and make big moves. At least- that is what I’m telling myself.

How does starting a blog fall into me taking control? I’ll be totally honest- I’m still figuring that out. But blogging has been this idea that has rolled around in the back of my head the past 10+ years. And this year- for some reason- I have had the motivation and drive to actually do the things I’ve been putting off. Things like removing physical clutter from my life to make more space for creative activities like this blog. Another example – starting home projects I have always wanted to do but seemed to never be able to just start. The most recent example of getting rid of this procrastination tendency? I got my real estate license while working my full time job in healthcare.

But this blog? This blog makes me have sweaty palms because I have constantly battled my worry about what people will think. Putting yourself out there is terrifying, especially if you are a worry wart like me.

So here it is- the just start to this whole blogging thing for me. Equal parts awful and exciting.

(And I really really hope you like it.)