My Favorite Resources for Home Decor/ Design

Favorite Stores:

  • Target is my favorite for many things but holiday decor- specifically their Halloween and Christmas releases are highly anticipated times for me. 😂 Since I already have a lot of seasonal decor the things I purchase and add in are always very selective. Here is last Christmas’ haul of decor mostly from target. Christmas Decor Guide
  • Hobby Lobby has great seasonal decor as well but I also love them for every day items. You can’t beat their wooden signs when they’re all 40% off which is basically every other week. Those two stores are my main squeeze because they’re super affordable and always put things on sale too.
  • Anthropologie when I can get things on sale.
  • IKEA for big furniture pieces at a great price.
  • World Market and small businesses/ boutiques for unique details.
  • I also have never minded buying second hand. Some of my most unique and favorite items have come from flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales over the years. It takes more time to collect things this way but it ensures that your house doesn’t just look like a department store threw up in it. Here are some of my most favorite second hand items in my house….

Vintage hanging school map 🗺

Love to add to this for Christmas with my Joy to the World metal letter garland. 🌎

That teal door is a favorite flea market find. The color was perfect already and I didn’t actually know what to do with it when I bought it. When we did our basement remodel it became the perfect cover for some ugly pipes in the corner. 🙌

That floral TV tray is part of a set of 4 on a stand that I scored at my local thrift. We use these ALL the time. Pretty and functional. 💐

Our brown leather couch is actually a Craig’s list find! It was in great shape when we got it and has held up for us and two dogs. I know we will continue to use this for years and we got it for a steal! Plus when we got there he threw in that ottoman and a matching chair. 👍

That mid century cabinet is amazing storage and I like to change the decor up with the seasons. It came with glass doors on the top but I removed them because they’re always smudgy. It changed up the look in exactly the right way. I scored this guy at an online auction.

Our teal buffet was picked up by my dad at a yard sale in his neighborhood. It was in decent shape and hadn’t been painted so I painted it my favorite color and changed out the knobs to something more me – and it’s still one of my favorite things in our little house!




  • Instagram– 12 favorite accounts I follow that inspire me…

@houseofwondersdesignco Probably my favorite instagram account to stalk. Her home is to die for and you can definitely see her influence in my home decor choices. If you think my house is cool you will love hers.

@heatherholden I just think she is a lovely person and obviously I’m a little obsessed with her plaid wallpaper entry. She’s the lady that gave me my pink paint recommendation I used on my front door and kitchen cabinets.

@sherrielarkins and @amandarydell pretty bright and colorful need I say more?

@shelbygoodman simple thrifted and perfectly styled. Also don’t you just die over her river rock fireplace?

@love.and.grey Beachy, boho, whites, pinks and peaches. She is so artistic and makes the prettiest signs and she seems like a lovely person too.

@saraparsons her bathroom is the stuff my dreams are made of.

@the_simple_farmhouse Pretty black and white simplicity.

@nestingwithgrace love their cozy small home- she knows how to create an ambience inside and out and her family of 5 makes it work in their small foot print of a home.

@raven.vasquez and @jlgarvin love looking in at their girl gang families and the way they make birthdays and holidays so special is goals for sure.

@amylouhawthorne another sweet little girl gang I love to follow along with. She inspired me to do a book wall in our girl’s room that I can change out with the holidays. She’s literally adorable and gives the best shopping tips.

Pinterest– Here is the link to my dream home board. I love scrolling on here when I’m looking to change something up in my house and get a direction to my design.

  • Movie and TV set styling

Have you ever watched a movie and fell in love with it because of the vibe of a character – their personal style or apartment? The first movie that comes to mind is the amazing set styling of 500 Days of Summer. If you haven’t watched it in awhile here are some screen stills of Summer’s apartment. Tom’s apartment was pretty awesome too with that whole chalkboard wall where he really got inspired to pursue his architecture career.

Did anyone watch the show supergirl? I watched like 3 episodes 😂 but the main reason I made it to 3 was her apartment. 😍

You can really find inspiration anywhere for your home. I hope you found some good ones to follow on social media from this post!

Our Annual ‘4th of Jolley’ 🎇

We had the best, busiest 4th of July weekend with family. Today I’m in recovery and putting my feet up a bit before the work week starts. ❤️

We went to fireworks in our town – which happen to be set off right around the corner from our house. This makes our house the central location for family to come and we walk over and set up our chairs and watch the show. 🎇

Yesterday was our annual “4th of Jolley” bash at our house. We always have our family over and Bill cooks out and the kids have a blast in the pool and we eat and usually set off set off some fireworks at the end of the night. It’s a great time and we always have so much fun!

It’s fun to look back over the years we’ve been doing this and see how everyone has changed. The older I get the more I realize time seriously flies. I know I sound like I’m a million years old when I say that but it’s true.

Also Bill got my macrame swinging chair hung on our back porch 😍 and I love it.

Annnnd this week was officially the 30 week milestone. Sometime within the next 10 weeks we will meet our baby girl. 💕 I can’t believe how close we are getting! 🤗

Do I look like I know what I’m doing yet?


2018. My 29th year. The year I take control and make big moves. At least- that is what I’m telling myself.

How does starting a blog fall into me taking control? I’ll be totally honest- I’m still figuring that out. But blogging has been this idea that has rolled around in the back of my head the past 10+ years. And this year- for some reason- I have had the motivation and drive to actually do the things I’ve been putting off. Things like removing physical clutter from my life to make more space for creative activities like this blog. Another example – starting home projects I have always wanted to do but seemed to never be able to just start. The most recent example of getting rid of this procrastination tendency? I got my real estate license while working my full time job in healthcare.

But this blog? This blog makes me have sweaty palms because I have constantly battled my worry about what people will think. Putting yourself out there is terrifying, especially if you are a worry wart like me.

So here it is- the just start to this whole blogging thing for me. Equal parts awful and exciting.

(And I really really hope you like it.)