Wanted to share the details of my donut brunch themed baby shower. πŸ’•

My sister-in-law Brandie is the Queen party planner and put everything together and hosted at her house. She’s done a million bday parties for my nieces and they’re always awesome and she also hosted our GIRL gender reveal a few months back.

I had so much fun at my baby shower even though being the center of attention makes me super awkward and uncomfortable. πŸ₯΅ πŸ˜‚

Onesie my sis made that says β€˜my siblings have paws πŸΎβ€ and has Hiro and Butters names on it

We received so many of the things we needed for baby Jolley and I am so excited to use it all! Thanks to everyone that wasn’t able to make it but sent along gifts as well- super appreciated!

My momma and Me

We played a funny baby making game with play doh and I picked the most creative and funniest to win little prizes.

My mom-in-law and sis-in-law on Bill’s side.

My Bestie since 4th Grade, her momma, and her youngest kiddo πŸ’•

Mara can sew 🧡 ANYTHING. She made me this rifle paper co kimono 😍 and it has a matching newborn gown!

My family β€˜girl gang’. Mom, Grandma, Cousin, and Aunts.

Me and my cousin AKA sister.

Me and my β€˜other mom’ πŸ˜‚.

Work Besties πŸ‘―πŸ–€

We got so much stuff! Now where do I put it all?! πŸ˜‚

Not to mention my work also had a little joint shower where I got all the diapers, wipes, mom advice, gift cards and gifts. Baby girl has so many people that love her already. 😭

Thank you to everyone!!!!!!!! πŸ’•

3rd trimester feels…

Still alive, still pregs and I started that final trimester. 😱

oh, and I cut off all my hair because #momChop #helloHormones

This last week has suddenly gotten real for me. Like- I’m not just going to be pregnant forever- at the end of this we’re actually getting a baby. A prospect that is so exciting but also anxiety producing. πŸ˜…

I am regularly feeling miss thang kick me and I’m also peeing what feels like every hour because she’s really squashing my bladder. πŸ€ͺ

My baby shower is next week and I’m super excited about it! I booked a photographer for newborn pictures. πŸ₯³ These are the fun parts of this week for me.

Annnnnd the other side of it is that this evening I spent time researching and choosing my ‘birth plan’ and ‘what to pack in your hospital bag’ and signing up for an online breast feeding class and buying postpartum supplies on amazon. πŸ™„ (I had never even heard of most of these products or their uses…like seriously…. tucks, lanolin cream, perineal cold packs, spray and bottles. Ice packs for your nips?! Which gave me a mini anxiety attack but it’s fine, it’s fine. 😬) This is the stuff no one talks about ever and you finally go and get pregnant because you’re “ready” and it’s like SURPRISE this is going to WRECK YOU. πŸ˜‚ Women suck for keeping things like this a secret. Ya’ll suck.

I also started a baby checklist for all the things I need to remember to do like call the pediatrician, make sure the insurance gets switched to a family plan, get the car cleaned and pack the hospital bag, get the breast pump ordered, wash the baby clothes, clean the whole GD house….my heart is having palpitations. This list is getting long and the bottom line is I’ve never done this before and it’s the biggest THIS I’ve ever done. So there’s that. There’s the anxiety attack I’ve been waiting on.πŸ‘

Hope this post made you laugh – making jokes is my only defense against crippling anxiety. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Baby girl nursery reveal

One of the best things about having a baby is deciding on room decor while you’re waiting for your little bundle to arrive. 😊 Seriously, I could do kids rooms all day long. There’s something so fun about the way you can choose more whimsical details than any regular old room. I’ve been wanting to dish the details for anyone who has been wondering about them so I’ll start out with pictures and I’ll link some items that are faves too.

I really took my time gathering the exact pieces I wanted for this ‘boho’ girls room. Lots of the items came from target- specifically the opal house collection. I ordered the canvas Roman shades from target.com and they’re blackout and cord-free. Our rocker came from lazy-boy and was a gift from my parents. The pink dresser in the closet was a vintage hand-me-down we had from Bill’s parents that my mom made-over for me. The paint color is behr ‘pink elephant’ and we have used it on our front door and our pantry cabinets.

All of these items are from Target 🎯:

Ikea had the crib we wanted, the wall book shelves and that cute love sign above the rocker. They also make the little dresser with the leather pulls that will be our changing table once we get our keekaroo for the top. I can’t wait to change those book shelves up with the holidays/ seasons! I’ve already started collecting Halloween books since that will be our first holiday with baby girl. πŸ‘»

World market had the perfect macrame ceiling light for the room.

Unfortunately it’s sold out now but here are some alternative macrame options.

The little pink daisy garden table next to the rocker is from Walmart – the flower home Drew Barrymore collection. This thing is gorgeous in person and gives all the girly hippie vibes to the space.


I searched forever for the perfect large art piece for behind the crib and continued to come back to this large peace sign banner. You can find it at shopdarlingclementine.com the color is ‘dune’.


The colorful knit pillows and blanket are from Anthropologie but I got mine second-hand from eBay- they still had the tags on! In case you’re looking for this it’s the ‘stitch play knit throw’.

Lastly a couple items like our donut play mat.🍩

And our faux leather diaper backpack I got from Amazon.

Pregnancy survival kit

This is my first go round for being pregnant and I wanted to do a post on things that I have discovered that have made my life more comfortable for the past 6 months. Because us girls need to stick together and share all the tips ya feel me?!

First of all- ‘morning sickness’. Or in my case evening sickness. For the first trimester I was super sick. I would go home from working my twelve hour shifts to puke and go to bed. It was not fun times. I actually lost weight my first few months of pregnancy because I couldn’t keep anything in. I tried a lot of things to help with nausea and a couple tips helped me:

Snacking- I had ritz crackers on hand always and sometimes shoving one in when I would start to feel bad would help.

Mint pregnancy lozenges- there were days I was sucking on these all day especially at work.

Avoiding certain smells/foods- at almost 6 months I can just now eat pickles again without feeling sick. And I can finally smell chicken being cooked. But these were things that I just could not deal with the whole first trimester. Also my husband had to stay on top of the trash- if I opened the can and got a sniff I would always puke for sure.

Going to bed early- I did this whenever my work schedule allowed. Often times if I was in bed before 8pm and didn’t move I could avoid my nightly puke.

I realize I’m not making pregnancy sound very fun. And I hear it’s not the same experience for everyone. But this was my experience.

Once I got past that dreaded first trimester things started looking up. The second trimester has been much more kind to me. I’m rarely nauseous and I haven’t actually puked since I hit that milestone.

Some pregnancy must haves for me are compression socks. My cousin also works twelve hour shifts and always wears these cute polka dot print compression socks from Amazon. I had been told by co-workers that swollen feet and ankles would become inevitable but so far since I started wearing these I have been able to keep the swelling to a minimum.

Another must have is this pregnancy pillow also from Amazon. This thing is amazing, comfortable and affordable compared to a lot of options out there. I use it every night. Like, after I’m not pregnant I might still want to use it – it’s that good.

Something I don’t think a lot of women share about pregnancy is how it’s hard to see your body morph and change into this thing you no longer recognize. I also feel like it’s super hard to find cute maternity clothes. I can’t understand why clothing designers think that just because you’re pregnant you want to suddenly wear a garden on your big new body. Why so many huge floral prints?!

I don’t know about you- but becoming pregnant did not change my personal style. I was able to find some cute basic maternity pieces like jeans, shorts and bib shorts at my local destination maternity. I also found a couple cute tops at pink blush maternity online and Walmart.com of all places. I’ve been giving stitch fix a chance again as well to see what they can come up with for maternity clothes… so far I haven’t been impressed really but I keep giving them a try because they keep waving my styling fee.

Mental health and feeling your best throughout pregnancy is important and throughout these changes one thing I started using is sunless tanner. It just makes me feel better when I’m tan. And these L’OrΓ©al tanning wipes are the best. I get mine at target.

One last tip I discovered over the last few months is this leave in spray/ de-tangler and this amazing wet brush. Because I’m pregnant and tired and drying my hair is more work than I want to do most days. πŸ˜‚ I have a feeling I will continue to love this combo as I get bigger and the summer gets hotter as well.

It’s a….GIRL

I suck at updating this blog. 😬 But I wanted to share pictures from our gender reveal gathering that was months ago. The shock of the news of us having a girl was very real for me. Just about everyone has guessed it was a boy and I just assumed that’s what we would get. I am so ready to be a girl mom though! πŸ€—

The theme of the party was “Taco bout a Baby”. My sister-in-law hosted and we made a dessert bar and taco bar and ordered our gender reveal cake from a local bakery. We are so blessed to have such awesome family support through all of these changes!

Everyone had a great time at the gender reveal and a big thanks goes out to my sister-in-law who is the bomb at putting together great parties.

Now I’m looking forward to my baby shower at the end of June! It’s sure to be a good time too!