a little bit about me ( aka so you know what you’re getting into)

  1. FAMILY: My parents recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. They’re retired and they are 2 of my best friends – a fact that was not always the case but with maturity I learned to appreciate and value them both more than I did as a teen. They taught me how to work hard and how to compromise. I also have a brother who is 7 yrs older than me who is married and they have 2 little girls- my nieces- whom I love to death.
  2. LOVE: I got married in September 2009 to my best friend Bill and we have 2 little dogs. Hiro (chorkie) and Butters (our one-eyed French bulldog). If you know me from instagram ( @helloJolley) then you already know I am a tiny bit obsessed with them.


  3. WORK: I graduated with a dental hygiene degree in 2012 and have been ‘cleaning teeth’ ever since. This year I decided to follow a dream and get a license to sell real estate. I’m working with an amazing team of experienced ladies and I am excited to learn from them and grow my business. unnamed-1
  4. TRAVEL: At the heart of things I am a home body with a recurring case of wanderlust. As long as I can remember I have had ambitions to see the world. Some of my favorite places we have been in the last few years are: Philly, Washington State, Portland, Nashville, and my most favorite- Hawaii. Travel plans we have coming up is a trip with family to Disney World and my 30th birthday trip to NYC.


  5. HOME: Our house is a little midcentury ranch from 1957. It had really good bones when we bought it but an endless list of projects to do. I really enjoy the process of taking something that is “fine” or “ok” and making it into something that is 100% us. Up until now I have documented my evolving style on instagram with some little before and after pictures scattered in there. I hope to post in more detail here on the blog to encourage my readers that they can do it too if they just start somewhere.
  6. BOOKS: I have always loved to read. Last year I read 100 books. And I guess I have always really liked the idea of being a writer. I say idea because I have never really made writing a priority in my life. English class was always my thing in school – but aside from that I was never a girl that would consistently keep a journal or write for fun. I want this blog to stretch those old writing muscles and get my creativity flowing again.