Welcome to the World Indie Girl πŸ–€

Our sweet girl is one whole week old and we are adjusting to less sleep and loving all the sweet baby snugs. πŸ₯° I already cannot imagine our lives without this little girl.

Indie Wilder Jolley came into the world after a VERY long induction process September 10th 2019 at 4:48 am. She was born 6lbs 15 oz and 19 3/4 in. Long.

So thankful that our girl is happy and healthy and that we are adjusting to all the changes so well. πŸ’•

Birth Story:

(Don’t read further if you don’t want to know the very real details. )

At my 39 week Drs appt I decided to schedule an induction because I was already on work leave and my first week of 8 was already up. Baby was content right where she was and my Dr. said she could stay that way for another week or two since I was not dilated at all. This was my first time having a baby and literally everyone had told me I should go on leave 1 week before due date ‘just in case’….. for us that’s not how things would work. And I didn’t want to waste anymore of my limited leave so without a ton of details of the process I would have to go through- I scheduled the induction for as soon as possible which was starting Sunday September 8th at 9pm.

That first night was spent trying to get my cervix to open by having medication placed every 4 hrs which was incredibly painful. We went through that process twice (8 hrs worth) and were not able to continue with it because my contractions started coming so hard and fast that it was dangerous to me and baby.

The results of my first IV attempt. πŸ‘

By mid day on September 9th (due date day) dilation was going so slowly with just the medication that they placed a catheter in my uterus that applied pressure to the inside and outside to open things up quicker. This intensified contractions so badly and I was already so exhausted having been up all night that I had to get a pain medicine in my IV that completely knocked me out for about 2 hrs. It was a tough choice for me to make because of the risks but I knew if I didn’t sleep at all there would be no way I could push when I needed to.

The good news is not long after I woke up when the meds wore off – the ballon in my uterus had opened my cervix halfway which meant that almost 24 hrs into labor I could FINALLY get my epidural. And that by far was the BEST part of my labor experience. 🀣 I could literally feel nothing. My legs were like rag doll legs. The nurses had to toss them around because I was officially useless.

At this point my nurses were telling me that we could have a baby by midnight on September 9th so we texted our parents and told them the countdown was on and that they could come to the hospital (5:30 pm ish)

This is when the story gets really ‘fun’. 😏

Apparently my induction was scheduled for one of the busiest nights this labor and delivery floor has ever seen. And everyone else that was there was ending up in emergency C-sections and with complications… so although I was ready after my epidural for my water to be broken – there was no available physician to deal with my delivery which was ‘lower priority’ than the others going on because I was healthy. So yeah, being punished for being healthy. πŸ€”

We literally heard the lullaby music announcing 4 births before they would come and break my water. Now it’s around 2 am on September 10th (36+ hrs into labor).

They broke my water and then they threw my legs over this crazy peanut ball that I ended up absolutely hating. The nurse put the bed up in all these crazy uncomfortable positions – so it was impossible to catch any sleep- even with my epidural still working. Plus I was extremely fatigued as it had been days since I had slept well. We finally get to the part where I’m supposed to push… and the nurse says we need to do some practice pushes to see if I can feel enough to push her out. I could not.

And this is when I was ready to strangle someone. πŸ₯΄ My nurse turned off my epidural because it needed to wear off ‘enough’ so I could push.

It wore off a lot and very quickly and the contractions were intense. So intense I threw up and aspirated half of it back down again because of the position of the bed. I choked for a good 15 minutes trying to get it all back out again. Did you know throwing up during labor is normal? Because I definitely didn’t. The nurse made me do ‘practice pushes’ until she saw her head! And THEN she called my Dr. at 3 am to tell her she could come because I was ready and she had to do a twenty min drive to get there… 😀

Each contraction came and was more intense then the last. The 20 minutes it took for my Dr. to arrive were straight torture because I wanted to push and my nurse told me to keep my legs shut till the Dr. got there. πŸ™„

My husband guesses 25 pushes once the Dr. came and Indie was finally here. 😭 (For me the number of pushes was just a painful blur.)

Never have I ever been more exhausted but happy. πŸ₯°

After that I know the placenta was delivered, I know my Dr. stitched me up, I know they had to soak up all the blood that was on the floor. But I know all this in the periphery of her face. I couldn’t look away from it. This is true love at first sight people. 😍 The only kind I believe in.

We got some better pictures after I was allowed to take a shower and eat and sleep an hour or two.

We got to come home from the hospital on September 12th 2019- Our 10th wedding anniversary. Couldn’t have been more perfect and we couldn’t wait to get her home.

Here’s my advice. If you only get a limited leave from work start your leave when your baby is literally hanging out and ready to come. I never would have felt the kind of pressure I was feeling to do an induction if I would have not started leave till she arrived. And if we have any more children that is 100% how I will do it. My leave will start when baby comes NATURALLY. 😬

Something else worth mentioning about giving birth is your hormones are so crazy and irrational. Luckily so far one week in the ‘baby blues’ haven’t hit me yet. Partially I think it’s because my husband has taken 3 weeks paternity leave with me and I have appreciated his help so much even though with breast feeding he can’t really help me with those all night feedings.

Even though I’m the only one who can feed her he watches her so I can shower in peace or he gives me a 3 hr sleep chunk between those feedings. He picked up our groceries today and changes so many diapers and today I gave him a hug and cried about him going back to work even though we have 2 weeks left before he does. 😭

Another example of irrational behavior that I KNOW is irrational is when a family member of mine simply said “She looks like her Dad.” That comment made me bawl in the hospital- and not because I didn’t want her to look like her dad. I love her dad and I think he’s very attractive and I know if she 100% looks like him she will be very attractive too. But there’s something about having just been in labor for 36+ hrs with no sleep and being told that child looks nothing like you that gets under your skin. No matter how much you love your partner- you feel like you did all the work- because you did. You carried her for 9 months, you puked every night for the first 3, you were the one who had to deal with all the discomfort and body morphing changes, you labored for days and then you’re told you had nothing to do with the way she looks at all?!

I know, I know- you think I’m crazy now but I think any mom secretly feels this way- especially when they’re sitting in the hospital with adult diapers and cooling packs in their crotch. πŸ˜‚

Anyways, if you read all this you’re the bees knees 🐝 πŸ‘πŸ‘.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the World Indie Girl πŸ–€

  1. LEG says:

    First, congratulations to you and your husband on your beautiful daughter! She’s so precious. πŸ–€ Second, holy moly! Now I see why women work up until their due dates! I always wondered how they did it (I’m sure it’s difficult), but now I see the added benefits and intention behind it (e.g., not eating up your maternity leave, reducing the need to be induced).

    Liked by 1 person

    • hellojolley says:

      Thank you so much! πŸ–€ and now I see why too! I thought it was hard to work up to 39 weeks. I’m a dental hygienist and I work twelve hr shifts – it’s a hard job on the back normally but with the extra baby weight it was getting much harder! BUT if I had known about the details of the induction process ahead of time I definitely would have pushed through working till she came on her own. I wish this wasn’t a concern for working moms there really needs to be better maternity options in the U.S. – we’re the only developed country that doesn’t seem to value it the same as others!


  2. evaedwards3 says:

    Aww you and the baby both are so gorgeous! And that’s a crazy story but I’m glad she’s here. I’m really thankful I don’t work right now so I don’t have to figure out when to take time off; college ends a few weeks before my due date and then I’m taking the next semester off.

    Liked by 1 person

    • hellojolley says:

      Thank you so much! πŸ–€ Yes that’s the best case scenario- so your baby can come when their ready and you don’t have to feel pressure to make a decision about being induced. Good luck with your delivery! Hopefully it’s less β€˜eventful’ than mine! 😘


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