Dealing with disappointments….

This post has really been a long time coming and it’s a little more heavy than my usual. It was hard to write. But I feel like it’s time to explain something that has changed since I started this blog.

People that know me in real life know the nitty gritty details of it already – and I won’t get into that too much here. (Because I’m not a petty person.) But lonnnng story short I am no longer a realtor.

For my friends that do only real estate for a living- ya’ll are a rare breed. It’s really hard to be a warm, efficient, tough person that can let things people say about you roll off your back. But for me- it turns out I wasn’t that good at letting things roll off my back. Especially when the person trash talking me was a family member. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

When I decided to quit I initially felt embarrassed, like I was letting everyone down who believed in me. Including myself.

I had spent about 6 months working to get that license and studied hard to pass my tests. I spent countless hours working hard for my first clients who ended up unhappy over something I had no control of- and blamed it on me anyway.

The point of all this is to say that I tried something. I tried it really hard with my whole heart. I burned my candle at both ends holding down a full time dental hygiene job and working my ass off hustling in real estate. I can still walk away with my head held high knowing I carried myself with class and integrity in spite of some extreme stress and negativity.

And if you’re reading and you’re sitting on an idea you can’t quite shake I encourage you to go for it. If I wouldn’t have tried real estate I would have always wondered ‘what if’. This second job gave me a life line during an uncertain time in my career which I’m happy to say has worked out now. And it made me that much more thankful for getting that quality time back for myself and my family- which was ultimately the reason I tried this in the first place.

Everything you try won’t always work out. It’s just a fact of life. Instead of feeing embarrassed about it I’m choosing to take away the good life lessons and be thankful for everything great coming my way these days. β˜€οΈ

The blog will be changing and growing with my life and you can still expect some home/ DIY posts, travel, and just life in general. Thanks for reading. πŸ’•

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