Christmas Decor Guide

This year was kind of a re-boot year for our Christmas decor for a lot of reasons- mainly being that we have done a lot of work updating our home since last Christmas and I felt like I had a whole new house to decorate. (i.e. new painted fireplace, new coffee bar, new open shelving, new finished basement— we have done a lot of work!)

Also this year we spent doing a lot of decluttering/ getting rid of crap. I would by no means call us true minimalists yet… or maybe ever… maybe I would call us minimal-ish? Because a true minimalist would probably not put out a Christmas decor shopping guide. So… I realize the irony here. But all the photos below are linked so click away!

We also decided this year that we were well past time to replace our huge white Christmas tree we had – because after 9 years of use it was yellower looking every year we got it out of its box. I didn’t want to spend a ton on a Christmas tree- but I was still in love with the white tree color so I went in search and found exactly what we needed at Michaels for $64 dollars. Made me feel dumb for how much we had spent on our white Christmas tree many years ago- but back then- we were the only people with a white Christmas tree that I knew so they were much harder to find.

I went pretty selective and minimal with the ornaments – half of which we had before – and a few I purchased this year at Target (Hearth and Hand)- the tree skirt is also from there. The pink furry ornaments are from Hobby Lobby. The topper was from Hobby Lobby last year. One just for fun ornament made the cut- Harry Potter duh! And one sentimental ornament– a vintage camera that belonged to my Grandpa. This ornament will always get a special place on my tree no matter what.

I added a few Christmas touches to the decor around the tree as well like the Joy to the World letters hanging on our vintage map that is up year round. They’re from hip hip party goods. We also added the wreath over the existing picture we have up year round. I swapped one of the pictures on the ledge to Christmas that I got several years ago at Home Goods. This year I also added this white metal ornament tree from target that was $10 and I used a few of my hearth and hand ornaments on it. It is hands down one of my favorite decorations.

One of my favorite ways to decorate for holidays is by just tweaking what you already have up year round- just a nod towards the current holiday. This is also a way more budget friendly way to decorate for the holidays.

The fireplace was super fun this year because this is my first year to decorate after painting the whole thing white. So this year I bought a garland for each side of the mantel, twinkle lights that are on a timer, bottle brush trees from Kohls and Hobby Lobby (sold out online), and stockings from Target and TJ max. The warm & cozy and peace signs are from one of my favorite small businesses feather & birch and they stay up all year. The Harry Potter sign is also up year round from a local maker in Ohio.

In the dining area I added a sort of sparse Scandinavian inspired tree from target. Again- under $100. Instead of a skirt I opted for a tree collar….which my husband said he liked…because it looked like a tire. 🙄 I decided to keep it anyway because I like it. The tree topper is really simple and minimal and was $5…and other than that all that is on it is one strand of wooden beads and 1 string of twinkle lights. On the wall I splurged a little for this garland from Anthropologie — although I did get it on sale.

In the kitchen all I have done – so far at least is add this little boxwood wreath to the window. And I love the simplicity of it. I might have to leave it up all year. In the coffee bar area I added these blush mercury glass trees- and I’ll put out the couple Rae Dunn mugs I have that are Christmas.

All I did in the basement was put the little 3 ft. pink tree I have had since I was a kid down there. I had to replace the lights because that thing is old. I was able to find all pink at hobby lobby. For decorations I used a Fa la la garland from TJ maxx and this mini tree skirt from target. I also got a new wreath from Target’s opal house collection.

I subscribe to the less is more mentality in home decor. Simple is best – at least for me. Here are a few photos of my house with some of the items I’ve linked above. I hope this helps if you’re looking to simplify your Christmas decor like I was.

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