What I learned from “secrets from a stylist” aka Emily Henderson is my favorite interior designer

Do any of ya’ll remember the Hgtv show design star? One of the winners from design star Emily Henderson – my design muse – had this short run spinoff show called ‘secrets of a stylist’ after she won design star. This show was LIFE to me when it was on and I never understood how it got canceled. Like WHY! Why do you hate me hgtv?!

But I digress – ‘secrets of a stylist’ was amazing and totally different than anything on TV at the time and since. And watching Emily kill it on her show really gave me some of my first design nuggets of knowledge.

Each episode started out with Emily introducing a couple that had a design challenge. Many times they had differing opinions on what should be done- and by completing a ‘style diagnostic’ where she would basically ask the couple ‘this or that’ questions she would come up with an adorable name for what their style was called. Like nautical modern boho or rustic granny chic…. well not exactly – her names were way more clever always.

Another way she would complete a style diagnostic was by analyzing her clients closet. This was a crazy out there concept to me because I had never seen anyone design a persons home around the types of things their client loved to wear. But it totally works.

Look in your closet. What do you see? If you’re me this evolves over time but if I looked right now I would see a lot of denim, black, gray and white. Some rusty orange because I’m kinda into that lately. Blush pink, and texture, a little dark green. And mustard yellow. Apparently I really like mustard yellow. A lot.

It makes sense that looking at the colors, patterns and styles you love to wear would translate into a space you would also love to live in.

So it you’re ever feeling stuck and you’re overwhelmed by all the Pinterest boards that don’t truly feel like you – maybe you should take a step back and look to what you already have as inspiration. The number one way to feel truly content with your home is to be true to yourself and choose what makes you happy- not imitating what you see on Pinterest. That’s all I got today- do with that what you will. 🙂 And just for fun in case you weren’t blessed with witnessing the awesomeness that was secrets of a stylist….

And don’t even get me started about her non-traditional Christmas episode.

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