Our Basement Reno

In general, me and Bill joke about how crazy naive we were when we purchased our current home. We had owned a small 2 bedroom condo prior to this home we are in now. That place was 100% move-in ready and had zero maintenance. On the flip side our current home was built in 1957. When we were shown the home all I saw was untapped potential and dreamy ideas of how we could improve it and make it our own. I fell in love with the bones of the place. I look back on the old MLS pictures and remember how I thought it would just take us about ONE YEAR to get all of the ‘cosmetic’ projects done. We were crazy people. Crazy people with full time jobs, families, dogs and travel goals. Not to mention the un-expected expenses that can suddenly pop up with owning a home – especially one that is 60 years old.

We have been here since 2013- five years. And we are still not ‘done’. Don’t get me wrong we have done a lot. We painted the main living space. Twice. I painted the fireplace. Bill built a custom mantle for the fireplace. We re-did the laundry room/ half bath. We remodeled the back porch. We re-did the kitchen– tore out cabinets and added open shelving. We changed out landscaping.

We also totally gutted and put back together the basement- the biggest project we have taken on here. And also the longest lasting. To be honest it still isn’t completely finished. But it is usable. And usable is much better than the basic storage space we had before.

The first step was tearing down all the walls that broke up the space. We also ripped up the brown outdoor carpet and old vinyl flooring that was underneath. We ripped out the old toilet, sink and bathtub. We removed the dropped ceiling and fluorescent lights. My dad (the retired electrician) re-wired the whole basement because he said before our house could have basically spontaneously caught on fire. He also installed some canned lights. We painted the cinderblock walls white. We had the floor epoxy guys come and do a matte white flooring treatment. I attempted to tile the bathroom floor. (LOL) And we also hired a plumber to do the important stuff in the bathroom because in general- a good rule is to never DIY plumbing unless you’re a professional.


The bathroom isn’t done yet because real life. But I wanted to show you some before & afters because who doesn’t like that?!


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