Plants: the ‘Black Thumb’ diaries

I’ve been that girl. The girl with the ‘black thumb’. I understand that plants can get kind of pricy and if you’re a novice it can be nerve racking to spend a bunch of money on something that you can easily kill…but trust me..they bring so much life to a space. Especially when you’re staging your home to sell.

I’m definitely no expert here but I have picked up some house plant tips and tricks over the years and can point you in the right direction for some good plant resources if you’re a total newb.

But first let me tell you about a few beginner house plants 🌱 that are very difficult to kill. All those articles that say impossible to kill house plants are liars. Just saying. If it’s a plant, I’ve probably killed it.

The easiest:

  • Pothos plant- if you can believe it I got my first pothos this year and I literally do nothing to it besides occasionally water about every week to 2 weeks with a little liquid plant food I ordered off Amazon. This is now my favorite house plant because it has been so low maintenance and grows noticeably quick.
  • Snake plant- these are super hard to kill. They don’t require much light or watering if you’re forgetful and they can grow really large. I had a snake plant going for about 4-5 years consecutively until I forgot to bring it in off the sun porch before a frost. That was a sad day.
  • Aloe plant- I currently have 2 aloe plants in my house. They’re great and easy to care for. They like light but you don’t have to water them often.

Moderate level:

  • Rubber plant- I’ve got my current first rubber plant right now. It was very tiny when I bought it and it has slowly grown but I’m still not sure I have it totally figured out yet. They’re supposed to do ok in lower light. I really like the dark purple leaves – it has a really moody fall vibe.
  • Fiddle leaf fig- I have 2 of these right now because I love the big pretty leaves. One of them I’ve had about 2 years now. It does not grow quickly at all and I’m amazed I’ve been able to keep it going for this long because the research I did before buying one told me they’re pretty temperamental. The most common advice I found was not to move it around in your home- find a place it likes and keep it there. Also wiping off the large leaves is a good idea because they can be real dust collectors- which will inhibit your fiddles ability to soak up rays.

Difficult aka I’ve killed it: Lime tree, ferns (multiple varieties), various succulents (if you’re forgetful and you leave them on a non-heated sun porch in the winter— don’t do that!)

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