To Paint Brick or Not to Paint Brick- That is the Question

Few things are as polarizing in decorating and home selling as painted brick. Just ask my Dad who answered with a resounding ‘NO’ the first time I threw out my idea of painting our brick fireplace. My husband Bill was basically on the same page as Dad the first couple times he heard me say it too.

But I kept mentioning it, reading blogs about how to do it, and pinning painted fireplaces on Pinterest. Eventually…and I mean after years of feeling mediocre about our main living area – I found a simple tutorial and I bought my supplies:

  • wire brush- to brush loose debris from your brick
  • sponge- for cleaner
  • TSP: cleaner/ de-greaser- to clean brick prior to primer
  • painters tape
  • brushes and rollers
  • primer: kilz – did about 2 coats with this
  • paint: Behr masonry stucco & brick paint in white – took about 4 – 5 coats in some areas…I wanted the pure white look

It was really hard to decide to actually paint my brick but afterwards everyone – including my most skeptical critics – were impressed and agreed that I had added a ton of value to our home just with some time, paint and serious elbow grease. Now I look at my fireplace and absolutely love it – It is so very me. And the best part about it – my husband is now way more on board with even bigger ideas I have for our home. šŸ˜‰ Win- Win.

The evolution of our fireplace:


One of the reasons I think it is difficult to commit to a project like painting your fireplace is the thought in the back of your mind of…will this hurt me when I try to sell my home? I believe the short answer forĀ SomeĀ buyers might be yes. But for most modern buyers painted brick can be an asset if done in a tasteful and simple way.

I’m not saying you should paint your fireplace neon orange. GOOD LORD please do NOT do that! I also am not sayingĀ ALL brick shouldĀ be painted. Lets say you have a 100 yr old house – if it has pretty fixer-upper type brick- then leave it alone. But I have seen painted fireplaces that greatly improved a space when done in white, black, gray and even *gasp* teal. If you enjoy a more farmhouse look – white washing may be your cup of tea. Pinterest has a ton of inspiration on this subject.

What I like to do Ā before starting any project is start a board where I just pin what I like. I don’t think too hard about it- just pin. Then I scroll that board and see what sticks out as similar in each picture before I make any decisions. After doing this process I was able to make my white and black paint color decision more easily.

Here is some great painted fireplace Pinterest inspiration:

Ultimately – I believe you should make decorating decisions that make you happy and content with your home while you live in it. Paint is temporary and you can easily change the colors should you ever decide to sell and want to appeal to more buyers.

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