So, where did “hello Jolley” come from?

I have always liked the word “Hello”. There’s just something about when you write it. It looks happy, welcoming and cheerful. Jolley is my last name – a fact that makes people smile (or joke…especially around Christmas time) when they hear it.

So a few years ago when I was really into flea markets, thrifting and repurposing furniture I decided to open a little booth in an antique shop in my town. I debated for weeks about what to call my shop and “hello Jolley” is what I landed on. It just made me happy. I kept that booth in the basement of Country Hearth Primitives for 2 years and loved every second of it but ultimately decided that although I really enjoyed it – I did not have the kind of time or energy needed to keep up with the demand of that business.

I learned a lot from that little booth and I am thankful for the people it caused me to meet and the contacts I made. The booth may not be in that store any more but the name stuck. I kept using “hello Jolley” on my instagram and it only seemed natural to keep using it to start this blog. And just for fun…here are some pictures of some of my favorite pieces I did while running that little vintage booth in Grove City, Ohio.



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